We serve the B2C and B2B chemical product markets for consumer and commercial-grade chemical brands. We manufacture chemical products for consumer use through global retail and e-commerce outlets and commercial use in large containers and bulk filling. Visit our capabilities page to learn about our capabilities, and visit our industries served page to learn the types of chemical products we can manufacture. We are flexible and can exceed your custom contract manufacturing requirements.

Retail Market


We have built our contract manufacturing capabilities to provide a full-service experience for consumer chemical brand customers selling to global retail and e-commerce outlets. Our B2C filling capabilities include sizes ranging from 1-ounce to 2.5-gallon containers.


The scale of our facilities is designed to meet the demand for large-scale commercial-grade chemical customers in the B2B market. This includes semi-automated to automated filling for pails, drums, totes, tanker trucks, and rail cars.

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