We are a customer-centric organization dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to get your product to market in the simplest way possible. Our people, processes, facilities, and dedicated customer experience program are designed to relieve the pressure of supply chain management so you can focus on your organization’s goals.

Why Customer Experience Is Important to Us

A positive customer experience is essential for developing long-term strategic relationships. We strive for an experience that is consistent, collaborative, supportive, proactive, fun, creative, and easy to do business with. This focus transforms the standard supplier-customer relationship into a true partnership with the goal of mutual success and benefit. 

Dedicated Customer Experience Program

There is no “one size fits all” in customer experience, so we design a customer experience program in collaboration with you to ensure communication protocols and processes maximize efficiency throughout the order process, new product development, quality control, and reporting.

Real-Time Reporting Partner Site

You can access real-time reporting software connectivity or our Goodwin Partner Site to provide you with necessary communication and answers to the most common supply chain questions: When will my product run? How much product was produced? Have my raw materials been delivered to your facility? Do you know if my product shipped? What is the updated cost of my materials? How much inventory do you have? And many more, ensuring a transparent and efficient partner relationship.  

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