How to Choose a Chemical Contract Manufacturer

How to Choose a Chemical Contract Manufacturer

Whether you run or work for a consumer or commercial chemical brand, outsourcing your liquid blending and filling needs to a chemical contract manufacturer has numerous benefits. Benefits include saving you time, scalable production capacity, technical expertise, partner reliability, cost-efficient production, and more, enabling you to focus entirely on your brand’s organizational goals outside the day-to-day manufacturing operation. 

However, you must select the right partner to ensure your manufacturing collaboration goes smoothly. So, how do you do that? 

Here are six common but not limited factors to consider when choosing a chemical contract manufacturer.

Relevant Experience

One of the first things to remember when selecting a chemical contract manufacturer is their relevant experience and expertise. You must look for a chemical contract manufacturer with a proven track record of working within your industry, serving similar companies to yours.

You’ll also want to look at their experience following industry-specific guidelines, such as OSHA regulations and more. It is also recommended to seek positive and negative references or testimonials from your prospective contract manufacturer, building an honest and open potential partner relationship. 

Adequate Production Capacity 

Another vital factor to consider is the chemical contract manufacturer’s production capacity. They need to be able to handle your current production needs and accommodate future growth. 

Before committing, ask about their capacity, capabilities, lead times, and turnaround times. Ideally, you’ll work with a chemical contract manufacturer that can accommodate companies of all sizes and support you as you grow. In addition, they should be able to scale their operations to meet your needs without disrupting their current production. 


The chemical contract manufacturer‘s location is an important aspect to evaluate. Preferably, your chemical contract manufacturer will have facilities on both coasts or near your distribution center. 

By choosing a well-situated chemical contract manufacturer, you’ll benefit from their familiarity with local regulations, reduced shipping costs, and improved accessibility. In addition, proximity to your distribution center facilitates efficient coordination between the manufacturer and your shipping partner. Location reduces lead times and streamlines your organization’s logistics strategy.  

Efficient Distribution Methods 

For your brand to succeed, you’ll need an efficient warehousing and distribution strategy for your chemical products. When assessing potential chemical contract manufacturers, inquire about their distribution methods and capabilities to ensure they suit your needs. 

You’ll also want to know if they have or are willing to make internal investments to enhance warehousing and distribution scalability. Again, this is essential as you plan for future growth. 

Additionally, consider whether the chemical contract manufacturer offers real-time online reporting to inform you about your inventory and shipment status. Trustworthy facilities and reliable logistic practices are essential for distributing your products efficiently. 

Rigorous Quality Control Standards 

Maintaining high-quality standards is paramount for any consumer and commercial-grade chemical brand. Therefore, you’ll want to partner with a chemical contract manufacturer prioritizing the highest quality control processes – so no one uses a bad product and your brand maintains the reputation and quality you proclaim. 

Look for a chemical contract manufacturer demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction through strict quality procedures. For example, formulas should be adequately tested and matched in the lab and tank farm, caps and triggers should have proper sealing and torque, inbound materials and finished goods should receive quality control checks, and more. 

Additionally, your chemical contract manufacturer should have comprehensive record-keeping standards for traceability so you always know what’s happening with your manufacturing. Detailed record-keeping also makes solving problems easier and continuously improving your operations together. 

Commitment to Environmental, Health, and Safety 

Selecting a chemical contract manufacturer that prioritizes environmental, health, and safety (EHS) practices help you stay compliant with legal requirements, helping you achieve sustainability goals, keep costs in check, and boost your brand’s reputation. 

Ask potential chemical contract manufacturers about their EHS strategies during your initial evaluation. On the health and safety side, some questions include

  • Accident prevention
  • Safety training
  • Department inspections
  • Employee wellness initiatives

On the environmental side, some questions include

  • EPA registration
  • Waste and stormwater testing
  • Recycling programs
  • Pollution prevention initiatives

Choosing a chemical contract manufacturer that prioritizes EHS practices demonstrates their dedication to protecting the well-being of their workers, customers, community, and the environment.

Do You Need a Chemical Contract Manufacturer You Can Trust? 

We are a fifth-generation family-owned and operated chemical contract manufacturing company founded in 1922. We have built our contract manufacturing capabilities to provide a full-service experience for consumer and commercial-grade chemical brands. Our key capabilities include strategic procurement, bulk chemical handling, chemical blending, full-service lab work, liquid filling, packaging, e-commerce solutions, warehousing, distribution, and software integration.

We manufacture chemical products for consumer use in global retail and e-commerce outlets and commercial use in large containers and bulk filling for the household, fabric, pet care, industrial, automotive appearance, functional fluid, agriculture, and marine industries. We do not own, manufacture, or sell products under our brand.

We operate three manufacturing facilities and five warehouse and distribution centers in Garden Grove, California, and Lawrenceville, Georgia. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified by Tüv Rheinland and EPA Registered. Our success over 100 years has been based on providing quality services and building long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees.

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