Quality Control – Social Audit Compliance

As our liquid contract manufacturing company has grown over the past century, we have stayed committed to a high level of social responsibility. Our founders, owners, and managers strongly believe it’s our responsibility to protect the health and safety of our employees, vendors, the communities in which we live and work, and the greater environment. Along with providing innovative liquid packaging solutions that comply with local, state and federal regulations, we hold our business operations and staff to a higher standard than is required by law.

Liquid Packaging Solutions with a Conscience

At Goodwin Company, we value our employees, suppliers, clients, residents and the end-users of the products created using our liquid packaging solutions. We believe that in order to provide a safe and healthy work environment and products, we must take extra steps to ensure the social and ethical performance of our employees, vendors, and facilities. Social audit compliance enables us to set and adhere to these social and ethical standards.

As part of our social audit compliance, we voluntarily evaluate and review our code of conduct, charitable giving efforts, volunteer activity, energy and resource usage, transparency in operations, overall work environment, and human resource packages and compensation. By carefully reviewing all these aspects of our liquid contract manufacturing company, we can determine what type of impact Goodwin Company has on the communities in which we live and operate. While government regulation and legislation are important in contributing to the health and safety of our human resources and environment, we believe in our own accountability and seek to raise the bar for our internal processes. Our owners and stakeholders complete Social Audits on an annual basis to ensure alignment with our company vision and mission.

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