Custom Packaging Solutions Save time & Resources

Custom Packaging Solutions Save Time & Resources

As a chemical product manufacturer, it's important to continually look for ways to save time and resources. These time and resource savings can have a huge benefit to not only your bottom line, but to the quality and the consistency of the product you manufacture and bring to market. As an experienced custom packaging solutions provider, we understand how critical it is to continually streamline the manufacturing, blending, and packaging process.

When it comes to chemical product manufacturing, the right contract packaging solutions will enable your company to find time savings and reduce the resources necessary.

Expert Advice & Experience

You are an expert in your product. However, you may not be an expert in packaging, manufacturing, and blending processes. Enlisting the help of an expert who is experienced and knowledgeable in every aspect of packaging can help you determine where to streamline the process and reduce manufacture time while ensuring quality production. A custom packaging solutions professional who has experience working with companies like yours can help you find and reduce waste in your processing. They will employ the latest technology to track, measure, and streamline the process for your company.

The Right Process

Many companies spend hundreds of worker hours fine-tuning and developing the right process to create high quality, consistent products that are safe and compliant with applicable regulations. Even when the right process is defined, it requires continual tracking, measurement and oversight to ensure it's using the best materials and methods. An expert in contract packaging solutions can work with you to reduce the amount of time and resources dedicated to defining process by applying industry best practices and proven methods.

Multiple Facilities

When it comes to liquid contract manufacturing, the end consumer is rarely right next door to your company's headquarters. In many cases, your end consumers are spread across the entire country and you can spend quite a bit of time on the logistics of manufacturing and distributing your product after manufacture. Working with a custom packaging solutions provider who has multiple facilities across the United States saves transit time and reduces transportation costs. This can have a large benefit if your product is affected by climate seasonality as well.

Distribution & Storage

A major cost involved with the manufacture of chemical products is the storage and distribution of the ingredients and the final product. Rather than distributing and warehousing all of your product onsite at a facility you own, it can reduce your overhead to find a contract packaging solution that has a distribution and warehouse facility you can use. This type of service enables you to reduce paying for an entire facility and the staff and resources that go along with the facility maintenance.

Find the Right Solution for Your Company

The right contract packaging solution for your company not only provides all the services you need to bring your chemical product to market, it also includes an active partner who is looking to save you time and resources.

Contact Goodwin Company today to speak to our team of packaging solutions experts and see how we can streamline your processes.

Create an Efficient Manufacturing and Packaging Process

Create an Efficient Manufacturing and Packaging Process

Chemical manufacturing and packaging includes a vast number of steps that must be properly executed to create a high quality, trustworthy product. Any errors, delays, or gaps in this process can cost significant sums of money, damage the end product, create potential health risks, cause a failure of compliance, etc. The list of negative impacts for a poor process can be endless.

An efficient manufacturing and packaging process starts with the right liquid packaging solutions partner. The right chemical blending company adds value by streamlining your current or future process. Below are four components that are essential for a successful manufacturing and packaging process.

Trust & Experience

You don't know what you don't know about your manufacturing and packaging. Find a liquid packaging solutions partner who you can trust with your process and who has the experience to educate you on what you don't know about the process. An expert in liquid packaging has the knowledge about common issues, where to create efficiencies, as well as where NOT to look to create efficiencies. Saving time or money in the process is useless if the end product is poor quality or fails to be compliant.

Needs Evaluation & Customization

Your company and your product are unique. The chemical blending company you work with should understand this and should not present a one-size-fits-most solution that may or may not add value for you. What works for your competitors may not be the best fit for you.​

A strategic manufacturing partner must perform a careful needs analysis before determining a solution. After the needs assessment, your manufacturing partner should create a customized solution that meets the needs you have and excludes the services you don't need. If you prefer to manage your own chemical blending at your facility but need help with the packaging and storage, your custom liquid packaging solution should reflect that.​

Cooperative Planning

The best processes and most effective planning require the input of the appropriate experts. This should include the in-house experts on your team as well as the manufacturing and packaging experts. You know your company and product inside and out and this knowledge is essential to creating an efficient process that focuses on your strengths and reduces waste.​

Again, there is no one single most effective process. The best process is the one that enables your firm to create a high quality product with the least amount of waste.

Honest Communication

At Goodwin Company, honest communication is at the foundation of all our long-term customer relationships. We have found that the respect and trust our customers have in us stems from our commitment to always focusing on honest, direct communication. It's essential that you work with a manufacturing partner who has a strict adherence to honesty, diligence, and quality throughout the production of your chemical solution. If something isn't working or there is an error, there needs to be a frank discussion about it and how to resolve it.

The steps to create an efficient manufacturing and packaging process often start with the right liquid packaging solution. Learn more about the right solution for your company, contact us today.

How to Choose a Chemical Packaging Company

Whether your company has been in business for one hundred years or is relatively new to the market, it's essential that you choose a chemical packaging company that meets and exceeds your needs and expectations. The company you choose for custom packaging chemicals should be a true partner that invests the resources and expertise necessary to enable your product to successfully reach the market it a timely, efficient manner.

When evaluating a chemical packaging company to bring on as a partner, it's important to consider the following factors.


In order to bring a quality product to market, it's vital that your contract manufacturing and packaging partner is experienced and understands your needs. Determine how long the chemical packaging company has been in business, the industries they serve, and the knowledge of their technical and customer service team. The right packaging partner will be a knowledgeable resource that helps to plan and streamline your packaging process. Their experience in the industry should guide them in determining the best solutions to create efficient processes for your products. 


For many chemical companies, it isn't cost-effective to have a full-time manufacturing team and to maintain a manufacturing and distribution center. The right contract manufacturing and packaging partner is an ideal alternative to save money, maximize resources, and increase efficiencies. Evaluate whether a chemical packaging company has the capabilities to support all the needs of your company. 

Ideally, the right partner will offer liquid blending and filling, custom packaging resources, warehousing, storage, distribution, quality assurance, and compliance services. Partnering with a company that provides complete resources enables you to streamline process, minimize transportation and storage fees, and reduce the time it takes to get your product to the end consumer. 

Quality Values

At the end of the day, it's your name on the product in your consumer's hands and you are responsible for its quality. When it comes to custom packaging chemicals, you need to choose a partner who is committed to stringent safety, health, and environmental standards. Additionally, a custom packaging and manufacturing partner must be dedicated to upholding strict levels of quality control. Look for facilities that are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and that adhere to EPA Compliance standards. 

At Goodwin Company, we strive to uphold the highest levels of quality, safety, health and environmental standards. Additionally, we believe in social audit compliance and take additional steps to ensure the health and safety of our owners, employees, suppliers, clients, and the residents of the communities in which we operate. 

The Right-Fit Chemical Packaging Company 

As you interview and evaluate chemical packaging companies, determine whether the company has the right expertise, capabilities and values to enable your company for success. The right chemical packaging company will understand that your needs are unique and be able to expertly adapt to your specific requirements for blending, packaging, and distributing.​

"Be Known For What You Know"

"Be Known For What You Know"

Goodwin Company is known for being a leading high quality contract packaging company. Goodwin Company's achievement in quality liquid packaging was not constructed by elaborate sales strategies or liquid filling rhetoric. Our success has remained intact for almost one hundred years because at Goodwin Co. we know how to meet our customer's contract manufacturing, warehousing and distribution needs. "In the liquid contract manufacturing industry, when customer referrals are a significant source of new business, you know you are doing something right." At Goodwin Company, we partner with our customers to ensure we exceed their expectations while ensuring the health of our people, safety of our facilities, and effective use of our resources. Goodwin Company is known for what we know – and we know quality contract liquid filling, warehousing and distribution.

Building Relationships, Blending Success

Building Relationships, Blending Success

At Goodwin Company, our commitment to building long-term relationships is at the core of our contract manufacturing mission. We believe nurturing meaningful business relationships with our suppliers directly contributes to our success in providing our customers with quality liquid contract manufacturing.

One way we do this is by hosting annual supplier appreciation events to thank our suppliers for their ongoing commitment to providing Goodwin Company with seamless access to the liquid filling and packaging components our customers require to realize their business needs. These events also provide industry exposure for our suppliers to network with each other to facilitate continued growth, education, innovation and opportunity.

At its essence, Goodwin Company's commitment to cultivating contract liquid filling and contract packaging industry relationships and building win-win partnerships leads to supply chain optimization for both our suppliers and our customers.

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