Commitment to Liquid Contract Manufacturing Quality

Commitment to Liquid Contract Manufacturing Quality

Goodwin Company is dedicated to meeting our customer's liquid blending, liquid filling and liquid bottling quality expectations. Our passion for providing quality liquid contract manufacturing stems back to 1922 when the phrase "Goodwin Company - Where Quality Excels" was our internal operating standard. That passion for quality advanced over the past 92 years, and in 2013, Goodwin Company decided to invest significant resources into achieving an internationally recognized standard, the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification. Essentially, we wanted to take our tribal knowledge, put it on paper, and continually find ways to improve how we meet our domestic and international customer's liquid packaging needs through a rigorous internationally-recognized systematic process.

Our Quality Policy perhaps best summarizes our sincere commitment to liquid contract manufacturing quality at Goodwin Company:

"Our Company is determined to earn and keep the respect and loyalty of our customers and suppliers through our support, perseverance and determination to maintain the highest level of quality. We have learned that improvement in safety, quality, productivity and services must be constant and ongoing. We are dedicated to the continued search for improvement within our processes to achieve customer satisfaction." - Tom Goodwin, President/CEO

Written by: Christina Goodwin Amidon, 5th Generation

Five Generations at the Helm of Liquid Contract Manufacturing Success

It's been over 92 years since the entrepreneurial spirit of my Great-Great Grandfather, Thomas Arthur Goodwin, steered the Goodwin family into the liquid filling industry. Five generations later, we remain on course steadfast in our goal to meet our customer's liquid contract manufacturing and packaging needs.

As a privately-held company, we have the capability to adapt swiftly and efficiently to the ever changing competitive, economic and regulatory environment of the liquid filling industry. At Goodwin Company, we anticipate changing conditions in the contract liquid filling and packaging industry and adjust our course using our ISO 9001 Quality Management System, our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and our Stay Safe Program to ensure we continually meet our customer's quality expectations.

At Goodwin Company, we partner with visionaries in the household cleaning, industrial cleaning, automotive appearance and automotive additive markets by simply asking our customers what they require to realize their product vision; and we help them get there.

Five generations strong of Goodwin's at the helm of what once was just a man with a vision and a small building in Los Angeles, California is now a national liquid contract manufacturing and international distribution company employing more than 200 people. Thank you Great-Great Grandpa for setting the course for future generations of our family to steer our entrepreneurial partners to liquid filling success.

Written by: Christina Goodwin Amidon, 5thGeneration

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