The Right Contract Packaging Solutions

The Right Contract Packaging Solutions

Contract packaging solutions can cover a wide variety of services including storage and blending, liquid filling, custom packaging, warehousing, distribution, testing, product fulfillment, quality control, and compliance. How do you determine which mix of these services make up the right contract packaging solutions for your chemical company?

Comprehensive Services

As your company grows, expands, and shifts priorities, it's important to have a contract packaging partner than can grow with you and provide the services you need, as you need them. Even if your company doesn't currently require testing and compliance services, you may need these services in the distant or not-so-distant future. The right contract packaging solutions partner can offer you blending and filling services today and distribution and testing services when you need them next year.

Flexible Options

The demands of household and industrial cleaners markets are continually in flux, with the needs changing from day to day and week to week. Flexible, scalable solutions that are custom-designed to fit your current needs are essential for staying competitive in today's market. If you need to ramp up production for increased demand or must have a place to store excess inventory for a few months, you need a contract packaging solution that allows for that flexibility.

Efficient Solutions

It's often critical to the success of a chemical company to be able to bring product to market in a timely, efficient manner. Delays with shipping, manufacturing, and distribution can negatively impact overall sales. The right solution allows for manufacturing, storage, and distribution in the most efficient way possible. For example, at Goodwin Company, we have an Atlanta contract packaging center and a Los Angeles contract packaging center to reduce shipping costs, minimize distribution timelines, and bring our clients' products to market faster.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Experienced contract packaging and manufacturing specialists can provide significant cost savings by creating custom-designed solutions for your product requirements. The right contract packaging solution includes a team of specialists that provide project assistance to help streamline processes while helping you attain your market goals. Additionally, cost savings are realized through a team that provides in-house quality testing (reducing the cost of bringing in outside testing teams), inventory management to ensure supply is not exceeding current demand, and procurement services to ensure the highest quality products at the best, negotiated prices.

The Right Solution for Your Company

At Goodwin Company, our contract packaging Atlanta team and our Los Angeles-based team work closely with clients to determine the right contract packaging solution for each customer based on their current and future needs. Not all contract packaging companies are the same or offer the best solution for your chemical company. Contact the Goodwin Company team today to learn more about the best solution designed to meet your needs. 

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