What to Look for In Contract Bottling Companies

What to Look for In Contract Bottling Companies

Not all contract bottling companies are the same. When you are interviewing and vetting potential bottling companies, it's important to find the company that will be the right fit for your needs. Rather than just going with the low-cost option or the even the firm you've been working with for recent production, there are several questions you can ask to determine which bottling company is the right partner for you.

What industries do you work with?

Many contract manufacturing companies specialize in certain industries. This enables them to get a thorough understanding of the challenges and needs facing firms in those industries. For example, if your company produces automotive additives, it's important to work with a contract manufacturing firm that is familiar with the regulations and standards affecting automotive additive products. Typically, it's better to work with firms that work with fewer industries as they have an in-depth knowledge of those few industries rather than a shallow knowledge of a lot of industries.

What is your experience with contract bottling?

When interviewing contract bottling companies, ask what type of experience they have and how long they have been providing contract bottling. Firms that are newer to contract bottling often don't have the experience of what works and what doesn't work. You always want to work with a contract bottling partner who has seen it all and can provide actionable insights to you, especially if your firm is new to the manufacturing space. They can often save you the costs of trial and error.

What services do you offer?

This question seems very straightforward, but it's critical to know what manufacturing capabilities your potential has to offer. Think in terms of the future. While you may only need assistance with bottle filling at this time, you may need assistance with manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing in the next few years. Contract manufacturing companies who offer the services you'll need in the future ensure a seamless relationship, allowing you to add on services as you need them rather than having to hunt for a distribution partner down the road.

What type of inventory tracking do you provide?

Your inventory is the lifeblood of your business and is typically where most of your capital is tied up. It's essential that you know where your inventory is at every stage of the manufacturing process. Always ask a potential contract bottling company about their inventory tracking tools. If possible, get a demo of the tracking tools to ensure that it will fulfill all your needs and streamline your in-house processes.

How do you add value for your clients?

This question can be the major distinguishing factor when comparing contract bottling firms. Instead of just meeting your needs in terms of liquid filling or chemical blending, your contract bottling partner should be adding value to your business. Are their services customized to your specific needs or is it a one-size-fits-most service offering? The ideal contract bottling partner will bring significant value to your business by streamlining processes, increasing time to market fulfillment, providing process improvements, or even improving the procurement process on your behalf. Steer clear of firms that simply list their service offerings and find a firm who discusses how they can help your business thrive.

How can you help my company grow?

Whether you have a clear plan for the future or are focused on your success now, growth is likely one of your main goals. You don't have time to re-interview bottling vendors every few years. You need a contract manufacturing partner who can grow with your business while also helping your business expand. By asking this question, you can learn what services and strategies the potential contract bottling company offers that are scalable and adaptable to ensure the future success of your company.

Interested in learning more about what makes a contract bottling partner the right fit for your firm? Contact us today for a personalized consultation.

The Impact of Quality & Custom Packaging Chemicals

The Impact of Quality & Custom Packaging Chemicals

In order to remain competitive in today's global marketplace, it's imperative to produce quality products that your customers can rely on. However, customers are becoming more and more demanding in terms of the products they want to purchase. Products can no longer simply be quality, they must also have minimal impact on the environment, be ethically manufactured, use only the safest materials, and be produced safe facilities. Because of these demands from the market, the custom packaging solutions your firm uses should be carefully evaluated to determine the impact on your overall product and the end consumer.

Your contract chemical packaging partner can help you remain competitive in this demanding, global marketplace in three major ways:

Differentiate Your Products

They physical packaging of products is becoming a hot topic for many consumers as they are looking to reduce their waste and the impact on the environment. For this reason, it's important to turn to custom packaging solutions to ensure you can adapt to meet the needs of your end consumer. In an industry where your products may be similar to other companies, your products' packaging can be a point of differentiation and a selling point. Work closely with your manufacturing and packaging partner to determine what packaging is the best fit for your customers and make sure you are creating a product that meets all the needs of your end-consumer.

Create Long-Term Customers

It seems like every day, there is a news exposé on a manufacturer who has put quality on the backburner in favor of bringing products to market quicker or trying to increase their profits. Consumer confidence is always shaken by brands that let quality slip and can be difficult to come back from. The proper contract chemical packaging process safeguards your product during the manufacturing process and ensures the quality and consistency of your final product. Long-term customers are created when you provide a consistent, quality product that they can rely on.

Identify Process Improvements

To remain competitive, you must always be looking for and identifying ways to improve and streamline the process. This is absolutely the case when it comes to the chemical packaging process. New advancements in packaging are made all the time, and your contract chemical packaging partner should continually be looking to implement the advancements and improvements. For example, materials are an important part of the packaging process. By working with a partner who assists with product procurement, you may be able to find higher-quality products that are easier to work with and speed up the packaging timeline of your products.

Work with a Trusted Partner

The quality of your product is often the reputation of your company. At Goodwin Company, we understand that maintaining the quality and integrity of your products is critical to the success of your firm. Our custom packaging solutions are designed by our experts to ensure you are manufacturing consistently quality materials. Find out more about how our process can ensure the integrity of your products by contacting our team today.

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Tips to Streamline the Liquid Filling Process

You are likely an expert in the creation and formulation of cleaners and/or additives. You know what goes into your product and the performance that can be expected of it. You may not be a seasoned expert in the process of liquid filling, even if your job entails overseeing the liquid filling process.

In order to continually add value and increase profitability, it's important to look for opportunities to streamline your liquid filling service whenever process. It helps to reduce waste, shorten production timeline, and better manage inventory.

Here are a few tips to streamline the liquid filling process.

Work with a Comprehensive Service Provider

As an expert in the creation of additives and/or cleaners, you need to work with an expert in manufacturing and the liquid filling process. There are a variety of bottle filling companies out there, but if you are looking to streamline the liquid filling process, it's critical to find a bottle filling company that offers complete, end-to-end solutions. A liquid filling service provider that also offers storage and blending, packaging, warehouse and distribution and testing will save time on transportation and fulfillment.

Set the Stage for Scalability

Currently, your company may be focusing on household cleaners for smaller product containers. However, future growth may require a liquid filling service that can handle 275 gallon or 5,000 gallon containers for industrial use. Many bottle filling companies offer either small container filling or industrial size container filling. Working with a liquid filling company that offers flexibility to fill containers from 1 oz size up to 20,000 gallon packages creates easy scalability and the opportunity for future expansion.

Closely Monitor and Test Throughout the Process

Your product has detailed specifications and proprietary formulas that need to be carefully followed to produce consistent, quality cleaners or additives. Even slight variations in formulations, blending, or mixing can ruin an entire production run. Eliminate this waste by choosing a bottle filling partner who closely monitors and tests throughout the liquid filling process. Additionally, this careful monitoring ensures that products meet regulatory compliance standards and reduce any delays in the compliance evaluation process.

Utilize the Latest Tracking Tools for Inventory Management

Delays in production or fulfillment can cost a loss of revenue or even a loss of loyal customers. Using the latest tracking tools for inventory management ensures that shelves are never empty and your customers are never out of stock. In addition to your own internal tracking system, it's essential to work with a liquid filling service provider who gives you the tools to track your product throughout the manufacturing and filling process. Up-to-date tracking tools enable you to cut waste in lag time and easily plan for storage, distribution, and fulfillment.

Customized Liquid Filling Solutions

Need help with streamlining your liquid filling process? Talk to the knowledgeable experts at Goodwin Company. Call today for a custom evaluation of your current liquid filling process. 

The Secret to Successful Liquid Packaging Solutions

When it comes to bulk liquids packaging of automotive appearance, automotive cleaners, household cleaners, and industrial cleaners, there are a lot of variables in the mix. An error in any of the processes from raw material procurement to production to manufacturing to liquid packaging can create an unsatisfactory end product, a huge expense, or worse, a product that fails compliance.

What Is the Secret to Successful Liquid Packaging Solutions?

With a process that has so many moving parts and variables, what makes a liquid packaging solution successful? The answer is a bulk liquids packaging partner who is focused on quality.

A liquid packaging solutions provider should always have a keen focus on quality, throughout every stage of the process of sourcing materials, to blending, to packaging, to testing and fulfillment. An evaluation of a potential liquid packaging vendor should ask the following questions:

  • How long has the liquid packaging company been in business?
  • What is their quality assurance policy?
  • Do they have ISO certifications?
  • How do they manage regulatory compliance for bulk liquids packaging?
  • Are the vendor's facilities adhering to environmental, health and safety guidelines?
  • Do they provide customized solutions?
  • Do they have knowledgeable staff that provides guidance throughout the liquid packaging process?
  • Do they offer help with EPA compliance?

This is not an exhaustive list of questions, but it does include the main questions to ask to determine a potential vendor's commitment to quality and quality assurance.

Quality Isn't a Buzzword, It's a Mission

As an experienced provider of liquid packaging solutions, we don't believe quality is merely a buzzword. Rather, we believe it is an essential aspect of Goodwin Company and enables us to create long-term, successful liquid packaging solutions for our customers. In our extensive history as a family-owned company, we ensure that everything we do is centered on quality. This includes the quality partnerships we create with our customers. It includes the facilities we've built and run. It includes our attitude towards our employees, our suppliers, our customers, and the communities in which we operate.

Our commitment to quality also includes our services.We enforce strict, company-wide compliance of quality control standards for state, local, and federal regulations. Our experienced, knowledgeable team of liquid packaging experts is continually striving to streamline production and manufacturing, locating and using the highest quality materials, and ensuring the safety of our people and the product's end user.

Never Sacrifice Quality

In a world where customers require products cheaper and faster, it seems like a lot of companies sacrifice quality. However, sacrificing quality only leads to failure in the end. At Goodwin Company, our deep commitment to quality has never wavered in our 92 year history. We believe that successful liquid packaging solutions always have a strong focus on quality during every step of the process.

Learn more about customized liquid contract manufacturing solutions for your company. Contact us today.

The Right Contract Packaging Solutions

The Right Contract Packaging Solutions

Contract packaging solutions can cover a wide variety of services including storage and blending, liquid filling, custom packaging, warehousing, distribution, testing, product fulfillment, quality control, and compliance. How do you determine which mix of these services make up the right contract packaging solutions for your chemical company?

Comprehensive Services

As your company grows, expands, and shifts priorities, it's important to have a contract packaging partner than can grow with you and provide the services you need, as you need them. Even if your company doesn't currently require testing and compliance services, you may need these services in the distant or not-so-distant future. The right contract packaging solutions partner can offer you blending and filling services today and distribution and testing services when you need them next year.

Flexible Options

The demands of household and industrial cleaners markets are continually in flux, with the needs changing from day to day and week to week. Flexible, scalable solutions that are custom-designed to fit your current needs are essential for staying competitive in today's market. If you need to ramp up production for increased demand or must have a place to store excess inventory for a few months, you need a contract packaging solution that allows for that flexibility.

Efficient Solutions

It's often critical to the success of a chemical company to be able to bring product to market in a timely, efficient manner. Delays with shipping, manufacturing, and distribution can negatively impact overall sales. The right solution allows for manufacturing, storage, and distribution in the most efficient way possible. For example, at Goodwin Company, we have an Atlanta contract packaging center and a Los Angeles contract packaging center to reduce shipping costs, minimize distribution timelines, and bring our clients' products to market faster.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Experienced contract packaging and manufacturing specialists can provide significant cost savings by creating custom-designed solutions for your product requirements. The right contract packaging solution includes a team of specialists that provide project assistance to help streamline processes while helping you attain your market goals. Additionally, cost savings are realized through a team that provides in-house quality testing (reducing the cost of bringing in outside testing teams), inventory management to ensure supply is not exceeding current demand, and procurement services to ensure the highest quality products at the best, negotiated prices.

The Right Solution for Your Company

At Goodwin Company, our contract packaging Atlanta team and our Los Angeles-based team work closely with clients to determine the right contract packaging solution for each customer based on their current and future needs. Not all contract packaging companies are the same or offer the best solution for your chemical company. Contact the Goodwin Company team today to learn more about the best solution designed to meet your needs. 

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