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At Goodwin Company, we don’t just provide contract packaging solutions, we build long-term partnerships with our customers based on mutual trust, respect, and honest communication. Our contract packing and manufacturing specialists work with you to learn your business. We design custom-tailed solutions to fit the needs of your business while creating efficient, effective processes. As a family-owned and operated liquid bottling company, we work with customers in the Automotive Appearance, Automotive Additive, Household Cleaners, and Industrial Cleaners industries to provide project assistance, manufacturing process solutions, quality testing, information tracking, inventory management, and procurement services. 

Comprehensive Contract Packaging Solutions 

We have been providing contract packaging solutions for over 90 years and have worked closely with customers to accommodate a range of unique manufacturing and packaging needs. As part of our liquid packaging services, our experienced specialists use their expertise and knowledge to provide input to troubleshoot or streamline your project and the manufacturing process. Throughout the manufacturing process, our knowledgeable staff follows best practices to successfully blend and package your product for distribution. 

Quality control and testing are essential to ensure the efficacy of your product and regulatory compliance. Our liquid bottling company has ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and we closely monitor and test the entire process from manufacturing to blending to packaging to distribution to ensure adherence to all quality, environmental, health and safety guidelines. These certifications and processes provide customers with confidence in our processes and reduce the potential cost of non-compliance. 

It’s important to our customers that they can easily track and follow the entire production process. We utilize the latest tracking tools and inventory management processes so you can be informed throughout every step of production. This timely information and tracking capabilities enable you to carefully monitor your timelines and processes. Additionally, our expertise in the blending and liquid filling industry enable us to provide you with efficient, cost-effective procurement services to meet your product’s specifications and requirements. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize manufacturing and contract packing solutions for your business. 


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